Kigali, 1 February 2013

Today, President Kagame paid his respects to Rwandan heroes who gave their lives for their countrymen and women. The ceremony was held at Heroes Square- where heroes including Major General Fred Gisa Rwigema, an unkown soldier representing all the fallen soldiers during the struggle for liberation, the students of Nyange who bravely sacrificed their lives rather than separate themselves based on ethnicity and former Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana and King Rudahigwa who abolished all forms of serfdom and advocated for Rwandan unity and independence.

“We remember and honor our Heroes who laid down their lives so that today Rwandans can enjoy liberty and lead dignified lives,” President Kagame expressed.

This year’s National Heroes Day was held under theme “Ubutwari ni Ishingiro ry’Agaciro n’Iterambere” or “Courage is the foundation of our dignity and development.”

National Heroes and Heroines are classified into the following three categories: Imanzi which refers to supreme heroes with outstanding achievements and unparalleled sacrifice, Imena  who are remembered for the sacrifice for their country and Ingenzi who are recognized for their exemplary actions.