Kigali, 10 April 2018

President Kagame today officiated the swearing ceremony of new government officials.

The new officials include Dr. Claudine Uwera, the new Minister of State in Charge of Planning in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (Minecofin); Col. Jeannot Kibezi Ruhunga, the Secretary-General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) and Isabelle Kalingabo, the Bureau’s Deputy Secretary-General.

Speaking at the event, President Kagame highlighted that senior government officials taking the oath of office during a time when Rwandans commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi serves as a reminder of the huge task ahead.

“This swearing-in takes place during a period that reminds us of the huge responsibility we have – as leaders – of rebuilding our country. We do not talk about nation building merely because it is a good thing. It should be our identity. This fight that we have been involved in for the last 24 years must be sustained; otherwise who else do we expect to fight it on our behalf?”

The President reminded current and incoming senior officials that the interests of Rwandans come before anything else, and urged them to always strive to deliver results that benefit the country and its citizens.