Kigali, 26 July 2011

President Kagame today, at Parliament officiated the presentation of Imihigo 2011-2012 and the signing of performance contracts by district Mayors and the Mayor of Kigali city. In his address, President Kagame thanked all those who were involved in the process from beginning to the end and those who attended the presentation of Imihigo:

“There is no doubt whatsoever that Imihigo (signing of performance contracts) have contributed tremendously to the progress of our nation. Worthy of recognition is the contribution and involvement of every Rwandan, our armed forces and development partners. Those who trivialise what we are achieving will not succeed because our achievements are built on a solid foundation and are sustainable”.


President Kagame congratulated the top achieving districts and asked those that did not do well to work hard, but in all, commended everyone for a job well done. “I think it is time to get to another level because after five years of carrying out this activity, we should be confident enough to build on our experience and aim even higher”.

Reminding local leaders that the citizens expect a lot from them, President Kagame urged them to always aim at moving forward and avoid stagnation or moving backwards. The President also urged leaders on sensitisation of people on the use of biogas in homes and schools and general sanitation. The President also emphasised that in spite of reports showing improvement in sanitation, nutrition and settlement, leaders should not relax and be contented with the pace of progress but instead work even harder to ensure that people live a better and dignified life: “We have made progress in terms of food security despite prevailing times of food scarcity that are affecting the region. We should take a stand here and now and work to ensure that what is happening elsewhere should not spread to us”.

To the best performing districts, President Kagame said that achievement should not be reason to be complacent, but rather, motivation to achieve more.