Gatsibo, 31 March 2016

President Kagame today presided over the closing of a two -week induction training (Itorero) for newly elected District Councillors and District Executive Secretaries.

During the closing event, the intore demonstrated both practically and in presentations, the lessons and skills they had acquired during the their two-week stay at the Gabiro Combat Training Center and also elaborated how they would implement them to deliver better services to the people.

In his address, President Kagame said the Itorero training was a significant practice because it helps leaders stay on course and achieve their targets as required.


“We have had trainings like this one before, but we need to keep evaluating the outcome and re-calibrate. It is the choice of everyone to put into practice what they learn during trainings. It all depends on one’s attitude.”

President Kagame cautioned that without change of mindset and adoption of an attitude of enthusiasm to learn and practice, the trainings would ultimately be wastage of time.

“Trainings like this one are aimed at discouraging the culture of routine. People should not consider these trainings as routine events. The trainings are tailored in such a way that they show what the problem is and how solutions can be found. However, more often you find that people don’t apply what they learn and nothing changes on the ground.”

President Kagame warned leaders who seek leadership positions with the aim of serving their interests, saying the riches earned fraudulently don’t last because the owner’s conscience will not give them peace of mind.

“If we work together and aim to go forward together as a nation, we will live better and be at peace with ourselves because every one of us will be happy as opposed to just a few people.”

President Kagame asked leaders to always aim at achieving maximum results and also not stand and watch as things go wrong around them.

The Minister of Local government, Francis Kaboneka said the discipline and enthusiasm demonstrated by the participants provided hope that they would improve the lives of the people they lead.

President Kagame also interacted with the local leaders who had the chance to ask questions and also present their suggestions.