Kigali, 10 October 2011

President Kagame today officiated at the swearing-in of the new senate, newly appointed Ministers and a new Member of Parliament.

In his address, President Kagame thanked the outgoing Senate President, Dr. Vincent Biruta and the entire senate for a job well done: “As pioneer Senators, you did a commendable job and there is no doubt that your legacy will be built on to make the senate even better”. President Kagame announced that he intended to meet with the outgoing Senators in the near future so that their rich experiences can be used to take the country forward.

President Kagame asked the new Senate to build on what their predecessors had left in place and aim to do even better: “To all leaders who took oath today, I would like to say that working for your country is no different from working for yourselves. We should always aim to work hard and change the lives of the people we are serving. It’s us who, through our efforts and commitment, will build our country”.


During the event that took place at Parliament, Dr. Ntawukuriryayo Jean Damascene was elected President of the new Senate. Two new State Ministers were also sworn in; Mukabaramba Alivera swore in as new State Minister in-charge of Good Governance, Community Development, and Social Affairs while Isumbagabo Emma Francoise swore in as State Minister in Ministry of Infrastructure in-charge of  Energy and water.