Kigali, 14 December 2011

President Kagame today officiated at the swearing-in of the new Chief Justice, Prof. Sam Rugege and Deputy Chief Justice, Zainabo Kayitesi.

In his address, President Kagame commended the outgoing Chief Justice, Aloysea Cyanzaire for presiding over reforms in the justice system and said the new Chief Justice who has also been part of the transformation process, should aim to do even better.

“Rwandans have high expectations of the Supreme Court; they should be able to get the services they deserve from the court. All Rwandans, from all backgrounds should be able to access justice; it should not be a preserve of only those who can afford it. Our justice system should give us hope and pride, both locally and internationally.”

President Kagame pointed out that due to massive reforms in the justice system, many outstanding cases had been cleared and court premises around the country rehabilitated and new ones constructed, giving hope to Rwandans.