“The medical career is guided by certain ethics and principles just like other careers, but how you translate them into actions is what determines that you really understand those principles. Your responsibility is to uphold professionalism and learn how to strike a balance between your personal needs and the needs of the citizens you serve. You have to have the mindset to know that it starts with you. How do you entertain that because of some people with perceived importance, the whole institution crumbles to attend to that person including in the intensive care unit or in the emergency room? Why would you do that? What does this have to do with a budget? It is just a bad habit. You are not fulfilling the principles of the profession. The best way to address the problem is to try to say there is something we can change, starting with myself, I need to examine myself and see if I can change and make an effort. We can’t afford to have our health system either decline or not move forward as fast as possible.” President Kagame speaks to over 800 medical doctors gather for #MeetThePresident interactive session.

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