Nyagatare, 13 November 2014

Following the meeting with the people of Nyagatare District in Gatunda Sector, as he continues his visit in the Eastern Province, President Kagame, accompanied by the First Lady held a meeting with opinion leaders of the province in Rwamagana District, with whom the held discussions on various issues affecting the Eastern Province.

President Kagame licked off the discussion by congratulating leaders of the Eastern Province and Rwamagana District in particular, for the progress registered along the years, but pointed out that more still needed to be done because the journey was still long.

“Rwanda cannot afford to waste any time. Our past should teach us this lesson and motivate us to work harder to achieve. Opportunities will not find you where you are, you have to go out and make the best of the opportunities offered to us. We cannot accept to live off the generosity of others and be eternally grateful to live off leftovers.”


President Kagame told the leaders that Rwanda’s economy cannot remain based solely on agriculture because this is not sustainable in the long run. Emphasising the value of women leaders, President Kagame said because they are the majority in our country, it would not make sense that they should be a minority in leadership.