Kigali, 23 May 2011

President Kagame today met and held discussions with the Chairman, Punj Lloyd Group and his delegation at his office in Urugwiro Village. The Indian investor is in the country to explore investment opportunities in infrastructure and health.

Speaking after meeting President Kagame, Mr. Atul Punj said:

“We are aggressively looking at investing in Rwanda especially in the energy and health sectors. Rwanda is a pleasant surprise to us; the efficiency of the agencies in interacting and trying to attract foreign investment is remarkable and the civic sense as a country is unimaginable not only for an African country but in Asia as well. What attracts us here is more to do with the efficiency of the system than the size of the market because we think that when it comes to marketing our products things will be easy”.


The Minister of Finance, John Rwangombwa said: “Punj is a leading investor in different countries and we are happy to see him interested in coming to invest here. The areas where he wants to invest will be of great contribution to our economy. They are in the final stages of negotiating projects in electricity production, roads and hospitals. All these are critical areas where we want to see as much investment as possible”.