President Kagame on Saturday visited Nyabugogo trading centre where he met with members of several business cooperatives operating there. In his remarks, the President thanked the business people, saying that their activities are making huge contributions to changes taking place in the city and the country. “If you compare how this place looked like a few years ago and now, you will note that things have changed tremendously in terms of development and attitude towards work. This indeed is the basis of Rwanda’s new politics that should be embraced by every Rwandan,” the President said.

President Kagame emphasized that Rwanda’s politics is focused on reconstruction, development and the well-being of the population, as opposed to that of divisionism, conflict and the peddling of lies which has in the held Rwanda back and prevented the country from defeating poverty.
President Kagame pointed out that too much time had been lost in bad politics and that it was necessary for Rwandans to work even harder in order to catch up. While commending the population on their vigilance and calling on them to be involved in ensuring safety in the area, he noted the importance of peace and security to allow for development to be realized, and pledged that the government would strictly employ the law to enforce this.

President Kagame reiterated to the population that Rwandans have the power to decide for themselves how they want to be governed urged all to be steadfast and fight to attain dignity and respect:  “What do we lack as Rwandans so that we can attain peace and security, development, democracy and rights? Do we need anyone else to supply these to us? Let me assure you that we have all it takes to achieve whatever we want without waiting up on somebody else to have mercy upon us and provide assistance.”