Beijing, 17 March 2017

President Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame today arrived in Beijing, China for a two-day visit, where they were received by the Chinese President Xi Jiping and First Lady Peng Liyuan at the Great Hall of the People.

During a bilateral meeting between the two Heads of State, President Kagame appreciated the existing good relations between Rwanda and China and the contribution of China especially in the areas of improving Rwanda’s infrastructure.

“Rwanda appreciates the good bilateral relations and cooperation we share, and China’s contribution in various sectors in Rwanda, especially in infrastructure and development projects has been useful. China’s commitment to Africa is welcome, and together with partner states on our continent, Rwanda looks forward to engaging fully in the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation process.”


On his part, President Xi Jiping observed that Rwanda and China had shared 45 years of sincere cooperation, which he said had expanded considerably during President Kagame’s time in office.

“Our two countries must continue to work side by side for the benefit of our people. You are a highly respected statesman in Africa, your country has made great strides in economic and social development and we would like to see greater strides in economic development throughout the continent. China will continue to uphold the principles of sincerity, affinity, good faith and real results as we chart the course of our two countries and the wider African continent, because the world belongs to us all.”

President Kagame said Rwanda wished to collaborate further with China on industrial development and encouraged Chinese companies to invest in Rwanda’s manufacturing sector.

“China has a special place in our foreign relations. Building prosperity and uplifting your people, your solid ideological grounding and respect for African partners.”

President Kagame extended an invitation to President Xi Jiping to visit Rwanda.