President Kagame today met members of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee at his office in Village Urugwiro. After the meeting, the Secretary General in the party’s organization department, Hon. Gao Shiqi said that they had had a fruitful meeting with the President. He said that the talks with the President mainly revolved around the social progress and economic development taking place in Rwanda and that he was personally touched by how the Rwandan people were now working hard and in good spirits after all that happened

.“The head of delegation delivered a message from the President of the People’s Republic of China to His Excellency the President expressing satisfaction with the existing good relationship and cooperation between China and Rwanda. The President of the Republic assured the delegation that the relationship between China and Rwanda will continue to grow because the two countries share common goals and values because both are working hard to ensure that the people earn dignity and freedom,” said Francois Xavier Ngarambe, the Secretary General of the Rwanda Patriotic Front who accompanied the delegation to the President’s office.