Oslo 6 July 2015

  • Excellency, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Norway
  • Excellency, Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • Distinguished Members of the MDG Advocacy Group
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

I congratulate the UN Secretary General on the launch of this report, and thank him for his steadfast support of the MDG agenda. I also wish to thank my co-chair Prime Minister Solberg for her commitment to our MDG Advocacy Group and to international development in general.

Today’s report tells us the MDGs have rallied the world, to improve the quality of life for people in developing countries. And no doubt, unprecedented progress has been made towards all eight MDG targets.

However, majority of the targets will not be met in too many countries, particularly those experiencing, or just emerging from conflict. The MDGs have taught us that where political will exists, it is possible to successfully work together, towards improved well-being of our populations.

We have seen that it requires mobilizing leaders and citizens towards focused outcomes, availing resources and ensuring these are properly utilised for maximum impact. We know results are best where countries take responsibility for their development agenda, within mutually respectful and productive international partnerships.

We have also learned the partnership between governments and the private sector must further strengthened. Developing countries need to create wealth, and with the right conditions, economic growth accelerates progress in development.

So, as we rightly celebrate what has been achieved, we must continue to work together, driven by the fact that millions are still under threat, from extreme poverty, disease, ignorance and other undignified life conditions.

The legacy of the MDGs goes beyond the effort to achieve critical, basic development goals, they have been a springboard to attain even higher ambitions

Thank you.