Kigali, 1 February 2014

President Kagame today led state officials in commemorating the National Heroes Day by laying a wreath at the Heroes’ Square.

National Heroes and Heroines are classified into three categories: Imanzi- supreme heroes with outstanding achievements and unparalleled sacrfice, Imena – heroes sacrificed for their country and Ingenzi – recognized for their exemplary actions. These include Major General, Fred Gisa Rwigema, an unkown soldier representing all the fallen soldiers during the struggle for liberation, the students of Nyanza School who bravely sacrificed their lives rather than separate themselves based on ethnicity, former Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana and King Rudahigwa who abolished all forms of serfdom and advocated for Rwanda’s unity and independence.

Today’s solemn ceremony was also attended by the representative of Diplomatic Corps and international organizations.

This year’s theme was; Ndi Umunyarwanda: Inkingi y’ubutwari (Ndo Umunyarwanda: Essence of Heroism) Throughout the day, Commemoration events were organized across the country, where communities took part in discussions on the meaning on heroism.