Muhanga, 4 July 2018

President Kagame today led Rwandans in commemorating the 24th National Liberation Day, at an event which was held in Rongi sector Muhanga District. As part of the celebrations, President Kagame inaugurated a model village in Horezo sector, constructed by the reserve force for low income families, which included a 25 family houses, and early childhood development center, a 12-year basic education facility a health post and a multipurpose hall.

“We homes only to see them falling apart in a year. Giving citizens a home is about providing a foundation build on and transform your lives. It is not about citizens becoming eternally dependent on government.”

President Kagame cited the historical background of Ndiza which he was part of the country’s bad history which Rwandans cannot run away from.

“We can learn from our history and build a better future. The liberation struggle on the battlefield succeeded because those who were fighting worked with citizens. It is this spirit of unity that we want to maintain to transform this country.”

President Kagame stated that if citizens were able to maintain the infrastructure and services provided to them by the Government, this would make it easy for other needy people to access the same, instead of going back and forth providing assistance to those who benefited before.