Gakenke, Thursday, 24 March 2016

Today, President Paul Kagame kicks off a three-day tour in the north-western part of the country. The President started his trip in Gakenke District, Northern Province where he met and interacted with residents.

In his address, President Kagame thanked Gakenke residents for their hard work, and expressed satisfaction over the level of development that the district has attained in the last two decades:

“Although the road ahead remains long, what you have achieved to date is proof of your abilities to do even more.  Build on what you have achieved to do even more and faster. Achieving our goals is within our reach” the President told thousands of citizens during an interactive meeting at Nemba grounds.
President Kagame reminded leaders from local and central government that they will be held accountable for slowing down various key development projects. These include: delayed rehabilitation of feeder roads, and stalled construction of Gatonde hospital.
“There will be no tolerance for the mismanagement of resources that should be used for the benefit of citizens.”
President Kagame further stated that producing under capacity or slow delivery is unacceptable. “We cannot be satisfied until we reach our full potential,” he stressed.

In an interaction with the President, Gakenke residents gave testimonies of how different government programmes – including Umwarimu SACCO, Women empowerment projects among others – have impacted their lives, and committed to working with the newly elected local leaders to move their district and the whole country forward.

Gakenke boasts a vibrant agriculture sector, fast-growing electricity coverage and an impressive healthcare ‘Mutuelle de Sante’ coverage  of over 90 % .

Gakenke counts 338,234 residents.

This Friday and Saturday, President Kagame will visit Rubavu District, Western Province where he will interact with residents and meet with opinion leaders from across the province.