Kicukiro, 27 June 2015

President Kagame today joined residents of Kicukiro District for the monthly community service, Umuganda which took place in Niboye Sector, where the President and residents worked on constructing a drainage system on a new 3.5km road.

In his address to thousands of residents during an interactive session after the conclusion of Umuganda, President Kagame emphasized that what has been achieved in Rwanda should be attributed to partnership between the people and the Government.


“People did not believe in our ability to recover from the adversity we had gone through and we had also lost faith in ourselves. Today we have seen what we are capable of and once you have a good thing going, you should not let go. Instead, you should endeavor to achieve even better. Looking at how far we have come gives us strength to do more. It has shown us that we are capable of achieving more.”

Speaking on the importance of self reliance, President Kagame said that although assistance is not bad, it should only be meant to assist someone to stand on their own feet.

“I can thank you when you have pity on me. But If I spend my life thanking you for pitying me, something is wrong with me. If I am the constant recipient of pity, I have to ask myself why I am not participating in my own development.”

The road where Umuganda carried out was realised mainly through contributions from residents and Kicukiro District.