Kigali, 29 August 2015

President Kagame today participated in Umuganda joining residents of Karama Sector in Nyarugenge District in building trenches along the 5km main road that will serve the more than 20,000 residents in the area. President Kagame was accompanied by senior government officials in the monthly community work.

Addressing the residents at Groupe Scolaire Karama, President Kagame thanked the residents for taking part and emphasized the importance of the exercise;

‚ÄúThis Umuganda that we are participating in has a purpose – achieving development. The politics we deserve is one that works hard to end poverty.”

“When our partners come to help, welcome them but let them know that Rwandans are determined to develop and end poverty. When we all work together, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Do not let anyone tell you that there is anything wrong with achieving economic prosperity. Our accomplishments are proof of how much more we can accomplish. We have a lot of strength within us to go even further,” he added.