Kigali, 22 February 2014

President Kagame today joined residents of Masaka Sector, Kicukiro District during the monthly Umuganda to build homes in Rusheshe cell for survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi, Rwandans evicted from Tanzania and combatants injured during the liberation struggle.

The District of Kicukiro aims to build a total of 360 homes in Rusheshe cell to accommodate the families.

Addressing hundreds of residents after Umuganda, President Kagame President Kagame reiterated on the need for all Rwandans to work hard in bid to transform their lives:

“Development is within our ability. You are as capable as anyone else anywhere in the world. Our goal is to ensure that every Rwandan plays an active role in the socio economic transformation of our nation basing on our belief that every Rwandan deserves good standard of life.”

President Kagame pointed out that there is no pride in always waiting upon other people to come and assist you, when you have all it takes to work and achieve all you want. He said if there has to be any assistance; it should only come to complement what Rwandans already have.

“We deserve to have all the values of a good life like education, healthcare, security and education for our children. Our children need good education built on good upbringing based on our good culture so that they can grow to be worthy citizens of this country. We will be there to ensure that the leaders to you elect into office serve your interests and not their own.”

The Mayor of Kicukiro, Ndamage Jules thanks President Kagame for good leadership which put ordinary Rwandans first. He said his District aimed at ensuring that all residents live a better life by providing them with homes, clean water, markets, schools and electricity.