Kigali, 24 November 2012

President Kagame today joined residents of Masaka sector to carry out the monthly Umuganda, where thousands of trees were planted and anti-erosion trenches were dug.

Interacting with thousands of Masaka residents at the end of the Umuganda, President Kagame asked them to work harder in order to improve their lives:


“We have achieved a lot but we still have a lot to do to even achieve better things. We need to use the little we have to reach our goals through hard work. God gave us a good country and hands to work, it’s now our duty to work hard and make our country and our lives better.”

President Kagame assured the people of Masaka that Rwanda as a country is very strong and would not be shaken by anyone, especially those falsely accusing it of causing trouble in the region.

“Rwanda is rock solid and cannot be shaken by passing winds, what we need to do is to stay focused, work hard and grow even stronger. The most important thing is for us to aim at making our lives better and better every day.”

The Mayor of Kicukiro District, Jules Ndamage said the lives of the people of Masaka had improved tremendously after the government constructed for them a hospital and gave them electricity.