Kigali, 28 October 2017

President Kagame today joined residents of Kicukiro District for the monthly Umuganda, which took place in Gahanga sector, where he laid the foundation stone for a school. President Kagame also launched the first ever cricket stadium in Rwanda, constructed in Gahanga, Kicukiro District.

Addressing residents from different sectors of Kicukiro District gathered in Gahanga, President Kagame called on Rwandans to work harder and in collaboration with each other and the Government in order to improve their ways of living.

“Schools, electricity, hospitals and water are essential to our lives and these can only reach us if we work hard and live in imidugudu. Once we make our contribution through our efforts, whoever else wants to make a contribution will find us midway through. If we want progress and development, nothing can stop us from achieving it.”

The launch of the cricket stadium was also attended by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Baroness Patricia Scotland.