Kayonza, 30 April, 2016

President Kagame today concluded his three-day citizen outreach visit to the Eastern Province by joining residents of Kayonza District for the monthly Umuganda which was conducted in Bwiza Cell, Mukarangye Sector, where roadside waterways were constructed.

During an interactive session with residents at the end of Umuganda, President Kagame asked Kayonza residents to utilize resources available to them to free themselves from the clutches of poverty.


“Umuganda is an integral part of our culture where we come together and carry out activities that take our country forward. We cannot develop if we don’t bring our energy together. The roads that converge in Kayonza from different frontiers should be one of the stimulants of development for residents of this district. You should be in position to harness the opportunities availed by these roads to create wealth.”


President Kagame also asked Kayonza residents to take advantage of free education provided by the Government to take their children to school so that they can become good citizens of the future.


“There should be no reason whatsoever, stopping a child from this district or any other for that matter in the country, from going to school. The Government has provided free education for this reason.”


President Kagame also urged Kayonza residents to adopt good agriculture practices so that they can reap good yields from their land. President Kagame also urged Kayonza residents to look after their health, stating that health is an important factor for national development.


Due to heavy rains, President Kagame was not able to meet with residents of Nyagatare District yesterday as scheduled.