Kigali, 30 August 2014

This morning, President Kagame joined residents of Cyeru village in Rusororo sector in Gasabo district in monthly community service to dig a water trench. The water trench will be 16 Km and will provide water to over 2000 people in the surrounding community.Speaking to residents of Cyeru, President Kagame pointed to the importance of every Rwandan in rebuilding Rwanda over the last twenty years:

“The progress we have made would not have been possible without your willingness to move forward and face our challenges.”

President Kagame added that the responsibility to ensure Rwanda’s tragic history is never repeated:

“I see children here. They are lucky not to have lived our tragic history. Let us make sure they never do.”


President Kagame reminded those present of the importance of good governance as a foundation for Rwanda’s future:

“The foundation of all that we do is good governance, security and the ability to work together to fulfill our needs and potential.”

Umuganda was institutionalized in 2007 and has contributed over $60 million through projects including building schools, medical centers and hydro electric plants among others.