Kigali, 19 August 2018

President Kagame today met and interacted with over 2,000 young professionals from across the country and the Rwandan Community Abroad. The meeting is in line with ‘Meet The President’ series whereby the President holds conversations with various categories of Rwandans.

In his remarks, President Kagame encouraged the youth to invest in their own future, as now is the time to prepare for their role as the leaders of tomorrow.  The Head of State highlighted that it starts with every individual.

“You all have loved ones. When you are making those investments in yourselves, you are thinking about them too. You are even going beyond, you are no longer thinking only about your family and loved ones, you are thinking about the country. The country becomes your family. When you are not well as an individual, the country is not well. If the country is not well, understandably you are not well. It feeds back to you. This explains the essence and purpose of all us working together,” President Kagame said.

The President further called on them to not let any opportunity go to waste and always think about what they can do to solve the problems that the country still faces.

“When you get out of bed every morning, give yourself a moment, be thinking of what is it that I am going to do today beyond the routine? Ask yourself what is it that I am going to do to solve a problem that I am faced with or that others are faced with. If you don’t use your brain, you lose it. Keep thinking every time. If you don’t succeed today or tomorrow, still there is no harm. You may succeed at the 10th trial. It is your task to keep chasing the opportunity. Let the opportunity never escape but try as much as possible for failure to not catch up with you. Keep pushing yourself to the limit. You have the potential, the rest is up to you to make the decision,” President Kagame said.

Prior to their interaction with the President, the young professionals followed a panel discussion on their role in Rwanda’s economic transformation.

The young professionals include university students, young innovators in various fields, as well as leaders in different public and private institutions who are between 18-35 years of age.