“Does anyone in this world want to keep this FDLR story going forever? Maybe there are people who want to keep it going forever, maybe there are people who don’t even care, it’s their right. I have no quarrel with those.
But, boy, you are joking if you think some of us, Rwandans, who know the story about them, will ever agree with you. Anyone, thinking like that is just absolutely mistaken. It is about us, it is about our lives, it is about our story, it is about our history, it is about our identity, it is about our existence, and nobody in this world is the one responsible for us. No, we are responsible for ourselves. There is no question about it. I can only do so much, but within my means, I will do everything that can be done to make sure that that story of FDLR and genocide and things which people play around with, doesn’t visit us again.” President Kagame | Annual Diplomatic Corps Dinner.