“20 years ago, no one really seemed to be sure Rwanda would survive. So all we did at that time, we could just think of, it’s like drawing a wish list. Or saying I want to be here this time. Despite these problems, my vision is to achieve this. And then towards that, you put in everything you have. Your thoughts, your actions, to see that you reach there. But really there were no guarantees at least even in our very complex situation, there were no guarantees that you’d be there. But it didn’t stop us thinking or wishing to be there. Some things were seemingly insurmountable. You would even have wished to say no, we can’t be there, let’s be realistic. But being ambitious has its own value. It pushes you as hard as it can. If you are there, it’s so much the better, if you are not there still then you fall for the realistic position and accept it.” President Kagame remarks at his Press Conference with local, regional, and international editors and media experts | Kigali, 8 November 2019

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