Kigali, 13 May 2016

At the conclusion of the 26th World Economic Forum, President Kagame held a press conference where he fielded questions on various issues related to Rwanda, the region and the African continent.

Responding to a question on accusations by Burundi and the latest report by the UN group of experts, President Kagame said:

“The most helpful thing would be for Burundi to accept the problems as their own and for the people who write the reports to be mobilized to address problems like the burden of Burundi refugees in Rwanda and elsewhere in the region rather than exacerbating situations.”


On improved relations with Tanzania, President Kagame said it was a good thing that President Magufuli had come and reversed the situation because the misunderstandings that happened should not have occurred in the first place. He said what should be is that Rwanda and Tanzania should collaborate in various areas for mutual benefits.

President Kagame also addressed issues like the upcoming AU Summit which will take place in Rwanda, saying that Rwanda was ready to host the Summit, having gained experience and confidence from hosting the World Economic Forum and other important global events before it.

Concerning African economies, President Kagame stated that the African continent was vulnerable to economic shocks because of failure to insulate economies with measures like intra-Africa trade, which would unlock the continent’s potential.