Kigali, 26 October 2013

President Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame today joined residents of Ndera sector, Rudashya cell for the monthly Umuganda, where they participated in the construction of a roadside water drainage for a new road that connects Ndera to other two sectors in Gasabo District.

Speaking to residents after the exercise, President Kagame said:

“We can only achieve a better life for every Rwandan if we work to move each other forward, not to hold each other back. We know what is right for us, why should we expect others to do it for us? You have made working together to move our country forward part of our culture, so let us continue to look for solutions to our challenges within ourselves.”


President Kagame assured the Ndera resident of Government support in order to move every Rwandan and the country forward. He said that although Rwandans were proud of accomplishments, they should not be satisfied until development reaches every Rwandan.

“The work that Rwandans have put into their country has results that we can all see. We are here to join in your efforts and thank you for all the work you do to build your nation.”

John Munana, the head of a farmers’ cooperative working in Ndera sector said the cooperative was registering impressive progress and thanked the President for his encouragement and inspiration to every member.