Gasabo, 31 October 2015

President Kagame and First Lady Jeanette Kagame today joined residents of Ndera Sector, Gasabo District for this month’s Umuganda activity, during which thousands of trees were planted.

Speaking to residents after the tree planting exercise, President Kagame emphasized the importance of protection of the environment as one of the ways to ensure sustainable development. President Kagame asked Rwandans to take the responsibility of protecting forests, Rivers and other natural endowments because they are of high importance to them.

Urging Rwandans to work hard in order to improve their lives, President Kagame said:


“Our country was once known for its tragic history. Today, Rwanda is proud to be known for its transformation. What we have achieved to date shows us what we are capable of. Umuganda is one of the means to double our gains. We have made progress but we have a long way to go. Only through hard work will we achieve the development we seek.”

President Kagame also asked Rwandans not to neglect exercising their bodies in order to keep fit and healthy, because only healthy Rwandans would be capable of taking the country to its desired destiny.