Kigali, 14 August 2013

President Kagame today dissolved Parliament, at a final Parliamentary session that marked the end of the second Parliament. This comes ahead of fresh Parliamentary elections scheduled for next month.

In his address, President Kagame commended the outgoing deputies for a job well done; saying that despite a few challenges, Parliament accomplished what was expected of them by the people who elected them:

“Parliament played a key role in changing the image of our nation, what has been achieved is impressive and commendable. I wish the outgoing Deputies well in the various responsibilities of nation building they might take after this. The next Parliament should focus more on streamlining Rwanda’s laws with implemented programs and regional legal frameworks.”

Enumerating the achievements of the outgoing members of Parliament, the Speaker, Rose Mukantabana stated that solidarity and teamwork between all deputies, men and women was what made them accomplish their objectives as a Parliament, among them passing more than 300 laws in 5 years.

On behalf of other outgoing deputies, Speaker Mukantabana apologized to the President and Rwandans for whatever they may have not done as required.