Kigali, 7 July 2018

President Kagame today delivered a lecture to 38 graduating students of the African Leadership University, pioneers of the MBA program of the Rwanda based University, before delivering a Keynote address at the graduation ceremony.

Speaking on determination during the lecture, President Kagame narrated a tale of Rwanda’s struggle where a family lost three sons in the struggle and when news came, the father announced to his son that his brothers had died before sending his last son to the battlefield.

“This commitment, is something you cannot teach anyone. You have leaders who are attached to the cause of delivering and others who will choose to say as long as am ok, everyone will be ok. That is what makes a difference in leadership.”

Sharing his leadership experience with the graduates, President Kagame said when they set out initially during the liberation, few had adequate management experience but were forced to learn quickly on the job and using experiences and failures as lesson.

“The lesson here was that there will always be challenges along the way but what matters is to confront them head on in order to make progress.”

During his Keynote address at the graduation, president Kagame said the positive developments on the African continent provided immense scope for graduates with entrepreneurial talent and skills.

“You have such a major stake and we hope that you will get involved at all levels and in all sectors to drive Africa’s transformation agenda,”

President Kagame commended the African University of Leadership for proving that it is possible for the continent to provide world-class education that is relevant globally.