Kigali, 5 September 2016

President Kagame today delivered a Keynote Address at The Global Africa Investment Summit, TGAIS, which is taking place in Rwanda, the first time the Summit is taking place in Africa. The Summit brings together high ranking government officials and business leaders from around the world.Present at the Summit also were President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, president of Uganda.

In his Keynote Address, President Kagame warned Africans against taking time to put words into action:

Good momentum and tangible results will do more to increase support for integration than any amount of closed-door negotiation, among technical experts. Africa cannot just remain a story, about huge potential that never materialises. Something has to give. Postponing our priorities, and delaying our commitments are the most expensive mistakes that Africa can make. There is nothing we are waiting for, and nothing we lack. Let’s work together across sectors and borders, with the right mindset of urgency, and build the Africa we want. We do not need to dwell too much on reminders that investment and good governance are critically important, and that integration is profoundly in Africa’s interest. We know it, we believe in it. What remains is just to be doing what is necessary to make it reality.”


During panel discussions that dwelt on regional integration, President Kagame said that Africans had clear choices; they had to use their time well and move forward or take their time and sink deeper into poverty. He said regional integration was key in taking Africans where they want to be.

“If we increase intra-Africa trade we would solve so many problems like reversing the process where our resources go abroad and we buy products at a high price. Integration and trading with each other would ensure that we add value to our resources and avoid this trend.”

President Museveni said Africans have had lots of lost opportunities but that now was the time for them to take integration of small markets seriously.

Concerning Rwanda’s development targets, president Kagame said there was need for sustainability by taking various deliberate concrete measures that include stability, infrastructure development and involving Rwandans, among others.