Rusizi, 30 June 2015

President Kagame today concluded his two-day visit to the Western Province after meeting residents of Rusizi District at Mushaka Diocese grounds.

In his address, President Kagame rallied Rusizi District residents to utilize the abundant resources at their disposal to transform their lives:

“Residents of this region have abundant resources to build on to move the region and the country forward. We want a nation where everyone makes a decent living, sends their children to school and has access to health care. The Rwanda we are building does not tolerate discrimination and demands equal opportunities for all. We have achieved a lot but there is still a long way to go. We want a nation where every citizen is prosperous.”

President Kagame reiterated the importance of unity and security as a foundation for development and progress, and asked Rusizi residents to be vigilant to avoid anyone distabilising their security.

Pointing out that Rwanda’s main resource is its people; President Kagame said the Government maintains a non discriminatory policy, where every Rwandan, regardless of their background has access to all available opportunities.

“Our main resources are you the people. Any economic transformation will build on your involvement. 52% of Rwandans are women. They cannot be left behind. We want 100% of the population to have equal opportunities.”

The meeting ended with an interactive session where residents were accorded the opportunity to give testimonies about how their lives have improved and others presented problems for which they sought the President’s intervention.