Rubavu, 26 March 2019

President Kagame has concluded his two-day visit to Western and Northern Provinces after meeting and interacting with residents of Rubavu at Umuganda Stadium, originating from 7 sectors.

President Kagame also met with the Northern Province opinion leaders, before participating in Umuganda alongside youth of Rubavu District and touring a mini expo exhibiting products made by different entrepreneurs in the district.

In his address, President Kagame pointed out that the people of Rwanda have the key to development in their hands.

President President Kagame also reiterated the need for parents to ensure their children go to school if they wish them to have a bright future.

“Your leaders have the responsibility to assist you to achieve development. Leaders who do not fulfill their responsibilities should be punished by you through elections. You have power over them, but you can also point them out so that action can be taken.”


President Kagame asked the residents of Rubavu to jealously protect their infrastructure.

“This District has many opportunities including a big number of young people who should be utilised to harness development. Youth is an asset not a liability but only if well utilised.”

President Kagame urged Rubavu entrepreneurs to invest wisely if they have to reap from their investments.

While addressing Mudende residents originating from 8 sectors yesterday, President Kagame pointed out that for Rwanda to attain the level of development that Rwandans desire, they have to leave behind the history of divisionism and work together.

“Our main aspiration is to improve the lives of every Rwanda without discrimination of any kind. The journey towards development is difficult, but living without development is even worse, the consequences are even fatal. We should not accept this.”

President Kagame reiterated the contribution of security to development and asked residents of Rubavu District to cooperate with security organs in ensuring security for everyone.

President Kagame also warned leaders who don’t serve their people as they should, reminding them that they would face accountability.

“I am reminding all leaders; including the newly elected that service to the citizens should be taken serious. Leaders who want to use public resources in their own interests will not be tolerated.”

President Kagame also asked Rubavu residents to participate in government programs so that their lives can improve.

“The Government has invested a lot in programs like Girinka and Mutuelle. You should utilise these programs so that your lives can improve and everyone lives better.

President Kagame asked parents to take their children to school because education adds value to every activity people undertake.

“This District has registered commendable progress compared to some other areas but there still is need for improvement. The government will continue to work with the people and leaders of this district to avail what is missing in order to create a conducive environment for development.”

In conclusion, President Kagame asked Rubavu District residents to utilise the opportunities available in the district to ameliorate their lives.

President Kagame also interacted with residents who asked questions and also made suggestions.