Gatsibo, 10 March 2014

President Kagame today concluded the three-day 11th National Leadership Retreat that has been taking place at the Gabiro Combat Training Center, in Gatsibo District, Eastern Province. More than 250 members of cabinet, ambassadors, mayors, heads of key government agencies, senior members of the legislature and judiciary took part.

In his concluding remarks, President Kagame thanked the organizers and participants at the 11th National Leadership Retreat for their useful contributions. More than 40 recommendations were derived from the discussions and contributions of participants and will be followed up and implemented in order to boost development.

During the three-days participants discussed different issues under the theme “Accountable Governance”, as a key thematic approach for EDPRS 2 and how the Government can reach its targets by scaling up and improving existing accountability measures such as Imihigo to ensure that they are linked to the growth targets set out in EDPRS 2.

Leaders examined what is required to improve the quality of basic education, improving planning, coordination and delivery mechanisms to drive implementation and accelerating private sector growth among the key issues seen as significant pillars for achieving EDPRS2.