Bugesera, 26 June 2015

President Kagame today at the Rwanda Military Academy, Gako, Bugesera District commissioned 528 RDF cadet officers, marking the fifth cadet course held at the Academy.

In his commissioning speech, upon congratulating them, President Kagame reminded the newly commissioned officers about the responsibility towards their country and the people of Rwanda, in respect to the oath they took upon commissioning:


“The army we are building has to be able to fight any battle that is necessary and fight for peace when necessary. I remind you to uphold the country’s dignity because its value is priceless. The dignity of a country is hard earned, it must be worked for. The dignity of a nation is never given, it is fought for.”

President Kagame warned against betrayal of the nation, because that would be going against the oath taken by the officers.

“Those who betray their country and hide behind those willing to violate their own laws will one day have to face justice. The arm of the law, as they say, is long.”

In conclusion, President Kagame thanked the leadership of the Rwanda Military Academy Gako for a job well done, and wished the new officers well in their various new responsibilities.