“The RDF, as we all know, has a unique history. RDF worked closely with citizens in order to reach our achievements to date and we will continue to work together. RDF is an army that will continue to protect all that Rwandans have achieved together, including our security, and ensure that we achieve transformation. The RDF ensures the security and dignity of Rwandans and the sovereignty of Rwanda. This is a duty that will bring you and your country pride. I want to thank all of you for choosing this profession. The profession you have chosen is a noble one. It is one of selflessness and dedication to our country. This country is yours to build, hand in hand with citizens, to ensure every Rwandan life is transformed and no one is left behind. The country we want is one of unity and peace.” President Kagame remarks at Cadet Officers Commissioning Ceremony | Gako, 16 November 2019