New York

President Kagame has co-chaired the 5th Board Meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Centre for Africa, in New York.
Addressing the board members, President Kagame appreciated the achievements the centre has recorded since its establishment back in January this year:
“This important initiative has far reaching implications in the process of sustainable development. The report which was discussed makes clear that the pace of activity at the SDG Center has picked up, since January. I particularly appreciate Heads of State and Government, who are here with us, to re-affirm our shared commitment.”
During the meeting, it was approved that the SDG centre for Africa – with Headquarters in Kigali – would expand to the Mano River region in West Africa with satellite centres in Liberia, Guinea and Ivory Coast. Other pertinent issues discussed include the establishment of an SDG index and citizen report that would help track implementation of SDGs across the African continent. The meeting also agreed on the accreditation of the centre with the African Union and United Nations as well as on a financing arrangement that would allow sustainability of the center’s work.

The meeting follows the 4th Board Meeting that occurred in January this year in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, it was attended by six Heads of State and Government as well as over thirteen other board members.