President Kagame yesterday chaired the 14th Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, at the Yale club in New York. During the meeting President Kagame co-chaired two working sessions on Enabling Digital Entrepreneurship for 2030 as well as discussions on the Commissions current work and future directions. The first session focused on the potential of the internet to drive inclusive growth, and the key drivers for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) such as access to affordable technology and connectivity, enhanced digital literacy, access to finance and payment systems, underpinned by sound legal and regulatory frameworks. The session also examined how Governments and Private Sector can work together to promote e-Commerce and other technology based businesses as well as the impact of outdated world trade rules on today’s internet economy.

In his address President Kagame emphasised on the need for all parties to work together to ensure that the ordinary consumer benefit from broadband and ICT :”The need to overcome our differences for the common good is a challenge we all face. Let us keep working hard at it. We must continue to mobilise the ordinary consumer and find a framework that enables us to find common solutions. Things will not just happen even where it may seem obvious to most. This should not discourage us, or deter us. This is why this commission plays such an integral role and remains vital in ensuring that broadband and ICTs receive the attention they deserve in the global development agenda.”During the second session various stakeholders from the private sector and non profit shared updates on subjects ranging from Technologies in Space and the Upper-Atmosphere to how to mitigate the Digital Gender Divide. This meeting also saw the introduction of ten (10) new commissioners. In conclusion of the meeting, President Kagame presented outgoing Director General of UNESCO Ms. Irina Bokova, also vice co-chair of the Broadband Commission with a special plaque in recognition of her work over the years.

Later the day President Kagame met with members of his PAC (Presidential Advisory Council) in New York.