Kigali, 8 July 2018

President Kagame today chaired the RPF Bureau Politique meeting, which was convened to approve RPF Parliamentary candidates for the upcoming new parliamentary mandate. Over 2000 members attended the forum.

In his address, President Kagame called on RPF leaders serving in different positions in both the public and the private sectors to always think about their actions before taking decisions to avoid results without impact.

“We need to understand our responsibilities as leaders and first work for the people before we can think of our own interests. We represent citizens and our country. We are here as leaders on behalf of the people who are not here and we can’t afford to work without thinking about the impact our work will have on them. Those who will finally become Members of Parliament should remember that you need to work over and above to bring about the change that we need. Representing RPF in Parliament or anywhere else is representing the values we stand for”.

President Kagame stated that RPF stands for hard work, accomplishing what it has planned to do, putting people’s interests first and zero tolerance to corruption among other values.