Kigali, 11 December 2016

President Kagame today chaired the annual RPF Political Bureau meeting, bringing together party representatives from all over the country. In his address to the delegates, President Kagame reiterated the importance of coordination and communication among leaders in fostering effective service delivery.

Citizens who are the reason we all here today should not be the ones to serve and cater to us. Public service is about serving people and the country. Providing services to citizens is not a favour but a duty.”


President Kagame also called on RPF leaders to serve with humility, always putting their country’s interests before their own.

Some leaders get drunk on praises and start to believe their interests are above the nation they are meant to serve. No one leader here can be more important than the nation they serve.”

Commenting on the state of security in the country, President Kagame stated that Rwanda’s true achievement is that no Rwandan ever has to feel that their own government will persecute them for who they are, their looks or what they believe in. He said that citizens wake up in the morning, go to work and know that their safety is a guaranteed right.

Calling on RPF leaders to aim at achieving more than what has been achieved, President Kagame said:

“Why should we tolerate to perform below our ability? We cannot accept for the achievements of this nation to go backwards? If you were not afraid to lose your life to liberate this country, how can you be afraid to hold each other accountable? We must not be reminded to change what needs to change. We can’t let this brand Rwanda we have built fall apart. Our experience as Rwandans is lesson enough. We don’t need more from others, who have their own problems.”

Different leaders presented Rwanda’s achievements in various sectors, including achievements with a global impact, confronting challenges for sustainable development, vision 2050 and the RPF strategic plan for 2017-2024. Delegates also had the opportunity to make deliberations on the presentations on Rwanda’s achievements under RPF leadership.