“Today, we can say that we have good news in a sense of where the country is. We are not yet there as we all know, but we have made progress. It is still a work in progress. When I have gone out there myself and meet people, it’s not about the infrastructure, it’s not about the numbers people write about, it has become a real-life story people tell. They tell you where they have been and where they are and how they’ve got to be there and it’s a very interesting story. Some of them were born 25 years ago or they were under ten 25 years ago. Some of them didn’t have any hope that they will ever go to school or they would actually live to 25 years of age. But today the same people are very young, proud, boys and girls, some now women and men who tell these stories of how they’ve made it and they can be as proud as anyone anywhere else in this world.” President Kagame remarks at Presidential Advisory Council Meeting | New York, 22 September 2019

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