Ngoma, 28 April 2016

President Kagame today started a three day visit in the Eastern part of the country by first meeting and interacting with thousands of residents in Ngoma District.

“To defeat poverty, we must work together to develop ourselves and begin by building on the resources we have. Our aim is for every Rwandan to earn a living and be self reliant. Rwanda is proud that Rwandan women are now able to build their future as equal partners in Rwanda’s transformationA nation cannot develop without the equal participation of women and girls. As the world celebrate Girls in ICT, let us uphold right to equality of every woman and girl.”

In addition, President Kagame reminded the residents the importance of security as an integral part of what Rwandans stand for; “Security is the foundation of anything we have and will achieve. It is the responsibility of each of us. We lost one million people. It will never happen again. Losing any life to insecurity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

President Kagame also met with hundreds of opinion leaders of Eastern Province where he emphasised the importance of fighting poverty and that there is no shortcut to development;

“We are not a country with many resources but we must reach our full potential. We must change the mindset that we are owed development by anyone but ourselves. The role of leaders is to look beyond your own benefit, it is about uplifting livelihoods of citizens, not just your own.”

President Kagame will on Friday and Saturday, visit Nyagatare District where he will interact with residents and join residents of Kayonza to participate in Umuganda respectively.