“This YouthConnekt means a lot of things. It means individual young people, irrespective of gender, religion, borders, coming together to do what is important for them and for society and for our countries. So YouthConnekt really means integration. It’s a higher form of integration. Because integration may be limited to one country and another, or three countries, or six, but this YouthConnekt, or just connect, means connecting people wherever they are in this world with all the benefits that comes with it. To be able to connect from across the world, you have a starting point. In fact, the starting point is an individual country. The starting point maybe home, home means home, whether in Rwanda, Mali or Cameroun, or from where you have all come from. That word, connect, starts from home and then you go beyond home. Connect expands the definition, expands the home, home stops being Rwanda for me, and home becomes Africa for me.” President Kagame remarks at YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2019.

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