“When you take someone’s right from them, the urge to fight to get it back becomes even stronger. And in the struggle for truth, for human rights, those on the right side of history always win. When you look at the people who want to destabilize our countries; sometimes they tell themselves that this is how the RPA Liberation struggle started in 1990. That is wrong. It’s not as easy as one plus one equals two, that’s not how it is. What choices have we made in the last 25 years that we regret now? This doesn’t mean that we have reached where we want to be. We still have a lot to achieve but we are on the right path. We take steps forward knowing that the road ahead is clear and secured. The true meaning of Ndi Umunyarwanda is that irrespective of our differences, be it in our ideas, looks, heights, understanding, etc. We are all Rwandans who should strive for the peace and security of Rwanda.” President Kagame remarks at the Closing of the 12th Unity Club Forum.

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