Davos, 28 January, 2010

President Kagame was today hosted to a breakfast dubbed the Rwanda Investment Breakfast organized in his honor by Vice Chairman of Barclays capital and chaired by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The breakfast served as a high level networking opportunity with potential investors.

Speaking during the breakfast meeting, President Kagame narrated the journey that the people of Rwanda have shared as they rebuild the country from scratch to what it is today, and each recognizing the challenges that lie ahead:“The people of Rwanda themselves have to recognize the challenges, the problems that we have to deal with and therefore draw the motivation to work towards improving our lives. We have also been working with friends who for one reason or another have chosen to be not only friends of Rwanda, but people who are able to do what they do best elsewhere to try and bring this change in collaboration with the people of Rwanda and even the region”.

President Kagame said that Rwanda’s story is that of a country that aspires to transform from a nation that has witnessed poverty and other problems to one building on the energies of its people and friends who are working together to take it to prosperity that other people take for granted. President Kagame thanked the organizers and friends of Rwanda for organizing the important meeting, and urged investors to visit Rwanda for they will discover a country with immense investment opportunities.

Later in the afternoon, President Kagame chaired a MDG Advocacy group meeting attended by Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to discuss the vision, objectives and mandate for the group. The meeting also served as an opportunity for advocates to update President Kagame in his capacity as co-chair on their proposed projects for the coming year.