Kigali, 22 April 2017

President Kagame today attended the 3rd RPF-Inkotanyi Women’s League Congress held at the Kigali Convention Centre, which brought together more than 2000 members from all over the country. The meeting discussed achievements by the RPF women group as well as challenges and plans for the future.

In his address, President Kagame said that improving the lives of all Rwandans has always been the key motivating factor from inception, beginning with those that had been marginalized for long like women.


“Empowering women is not a favour, it’s our responsibility. When you develop women, you will be automatically developing everyone else. When we talk about empowering women we are talking about empowering the family. The history of RPF is about revolution and changing the lives of Rwandans so they can be in step with global trends. RPF is about working for collective development and its unique way of doing things should be upheld. This is what makes us different from others.”

The congress aimed at seeking validation and approval for the 2015-2017 RPF women’s league report, adoption of the 2017-19 action plan as well as elect a commissioner in charge of justice, to which Mbabazi Comfort was elected unopposed.