Gabiro, 4 November 2016

President Paul Kagame, today, attended the Combined Fire Arms Exercise held at the Rwanda Defence Forces Combat Training Centre in Gabiro, Eastern Province.

The military exercise was conducted by the 1st division of the Rwanda Defence Forces.

The main purpose of the EX Hard Punch is described as aiming to demonstrate how various military capabilities are integrated and synchronised to deliver combined effects by an RDF infantry division in a combined arms environment.


The exercise is part of RDF ongoing structural transformation aimed at building an increasingly capable and professional force, able to achieve its mandated mission.

One of the objectives of the exercise, officials said, was to test and assess the synchronised delivery of joint fires using various capabilities in a single operation.

The military drill also sought to demonstrate the joint planning, synchronisation and coordinated employment of air power, Special Forces and offensive support group capabilities in supporting an infantry division to achieve a combat mission.

Following the event, President Kagame, the Commander-In-Chief of the country’s Armed Forces, held a meeting with senior command staff.