Gishali, 25 June 2011

President Kagame today attended the pass-out of 489 police cadets at the Gishali police training school. 59 of the graduating cadets were women.

Speaking at the pass-out ceremony, President Kagame thanked the leadership of the Rwanda National Police and everyone who played a role in training of the new police officers. Calling on the new police officers to carry out their duties of keeping law and order with due diligence, President Kagame said: “Today is a big step in the quest to uphold the law, hold those who break the law accountableand lead them to join the rebuilding of our country. I urge you to uphold your responsibilities to the best of your abilities, fight corruption starting with yourselves”.


President Kagame urged the police officers to bear in mind that in order for them to succeed in their duties, they have to work in close partnership with the citizens they work for. President Kagame also awarded three best performing cadet officers.

The Rwanda National Police has the largest number of women in peacekeeping missions around the world