Kigali, 11 January 2015

President Kagame today was the joined leaders from Rwanda’s public and private sector at the annual National Leadership Prayer Breakfast, an event where leaders converge to thank God for what was achieved in the past year, and pray for blessings in the new year.

In his address, President Kagame told the congregation that the Bible contains many life lessons and it was upon everyone to turn those lessons into practical actions to change their lives.

“Working towards the achievements we deserve should not be a onetime event; it should be an ongoing journey and a way of life. Ask yourself what do we want to stand for as a nation and what is your role in achieving it? Let us be thankful for our progress but use this opportunity to evaluate our individual roles as leaders. Our role as leaders is to work towards ensuring that the gap between what is morally and politically correct is as small as possible. If something is correct morally, why shouldn’t it be correct politically?”


Asking Rwandan not to be afraid to face our challenges head on, President Kagame said:

“We should not stop at being thankful, we must also ask ourselves how much time we spend contributing to our achievements. No one owes us our livelihood and we do not owe anyone our livelihood. When you are fighting on the side of the truth, you are not afraid; you don’t give up or expect others to fight your battles. Rwandans must fight to be at the high table. We have been items on the menu for too long.”

President Kagame stated that Rwandans should not be defined by their tragic past, but rather, should work to be defined by a bright future.